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Practice Analysis

Reviews are performed to identify patterns of claims denials and the coding utilized in those denials. CPT Coding and Qualifier analysis comparisons are performed to identify optimal configurations to increase accounts receivable.

Claims Follow-up

We aggressively follow-up on all claims to ensure we’re receiving timely updates. We contact the insurers and patients on your behalf with the knowledge that if you are not paid, we are not paid.

24-48 Hour Claim Processing

We will process and submit all claims within 24-48 hours of receiving substantiating documentation for the claim, which ensures a faster turnaround on accounts receivable.

Who Are We

Mederi Services is not just a claims processing center.

Mederi Services, LLC is the largest medical billing company in the country specializing in insurance reimbursement for Non - Physician (Surgical) First Assistants and Physician / Surgical practices. Our company staff is comprised of Orthopaedic Physician's Assistant - Certified / Licensed Surgical Assistant and Certified Medical Billing Specialists. With over 18 years of practice management and 22 years of medical experience, we are uniquely qualified to perform any claims management. We understand the challenges faced by Physician practices and Non - Physician First Assistants (surgical assistants) seeking reimbursement for services.


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